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I’ve seen that there are viewers to my website from all over the world and I’m really curious who you all are. I’ve seen viewers from Ireland, India, Vietnam and the United States. If you are checking out my website and happen to see this post. Message me back and let me know where you’re checking out my website from and what brought you here. I’m super exited to hear from you all. Cheers, and if you havn’t yet, pop over to the Mindful Minutes With Musicians page and check out all of my latest podcasts! Thanks for checking this out, hope to hear from you all soon.

Saturday night rant

Hey all,

Hope that you’re all doing well. I havn’t reached out virtually lately and feel that I needed to touch base with everyone. Thank you again for watching, reading and being a part of my journey in some form. I recently added my Mindful Minutes With Musicians Shorts; A Mindful Minute with a Musician on my YOUTUBE

I guess this is my own little Saturday Night Live, by offering up a bunch of content from Mindful Minutes With Musicians. Again, I really appreciate everyone checking this out and if there is one thing that I would ask of you is to tell one person. I think that if everyone were to share this with one person then we would be able to get this great podcast and these great words to more people. It is a slow process, but one that is started and can’t stop now.

If you feel like you’ve been effected in any way by this podcast or if you have already shared it with anyone, please let me know and connect with me. I would love to hear how this has effected anyone’s life and made a positive change.

All comments are welcome and I look forward to connecting.

Aspire to Inspire

Quick Thank You

Hey All,
Just wanted to say I have been looking through my stats and noticed that there are people who have viewed this website from China, Poland, Denmark, USA, Mexico and of course Canada as well. If you happen to be stopping by my website and think it’s cool, drop a line. I’d love to hear from people all over the world and maybe it could lead to you being on my podcast Mindful Minutes With Musicians. I really look forward to hearing from you.


A Mindful Minute

I wanted to touch base and see how everyone’s doing. I have been all over the place myself and can only imagine the things that people are dealing with now. All I can say is that there is a time to rest and be mindful of your space and time. There is also a time where we have to take the steps to move forward and make it through what we are dealing with. I think that these times are the Ying and Yang of our equilibrium, and we have to be open and willing to go through these moments with all the strength we have. I think you are good people, you have dreams and aspirations. I think that sometimes we lose sight of that and I want to remind you and myself that we were meant to do great things. This world is ever changing and we are constantly evolving through it. Lets be willing to be the branch that bends with the wind, so that we don’t break.

It’s difficult to find inspiration sometimes…

I am here, not as a writer or as someone who claims to know anything about mindfulness. I seriously started all of this because I was reaching for strings to find out what to do during a pandemic when my entire industry was halted. That’s a daunting and shocking reality. It was one that hit hard and is still effecting me to this day. I have been lucky enough to have been able to come across some amazing people this year and I have also been able to see the journey of a lot of people. Not everyone is doing OK. Not everyone is living out the lives that they’re showing you on Instagram. Or whatever social media that they’ve chosen. I guess this leads to what I wanted to share, was that it is always going to be a process to find and cultivate those inspirations. And I could be campy and say that you just have to wait for those moments and harness them. But that’s not the truth, sometimes it’s really hard to find inspiration. Sometimes you have to go out there and grab it, or create it. Sometimes it’s best to take that time away to clear your thoughts and come back at it to find that inspiration. I’m not even going to say that I know how to find inspiration. That is a journey for everyone to go through. I know that the one thing that you can always count on and fall back on is your breath. Take a breath. That is the best place to start looking for inspiration and it can only lead you in the right direction.

It was just 2 years ago…

The sound was deep, you could feel it inside youself as it had its clear range of melodies that made your body move and you could feel the energy it was producing. The lights were bright and exciting to watch as they cascaded around the sky and the buildings that surrounded the park. The video walls showing awesome visuals, the crowd dancing and waving to the cameras. It was the Green Space by the 519 and it was one of my favorite gigs. The energy was great, the people were great. I knew the property and the power requirements and all the equipment that was being used. I had run both of those stages by myself for a few years. I was really lucky to have gotten that chance to show my experience. To look back, I would do it all again in a heartbeat.

Those thankful moments…

I know these days have been really hard for a lot of us, myself included. But I do believe that there are things that are going to come out of this in a positive light. I wanted to take a thankful moment that I was, with a safe distance and masked indoors, able to see a dear friend of mine and his young baby for the first time. I had seen the baby on the phones and through social media, but to see that smile in real life was heartwarming. I couldn’t be happier for my brother and everything he’s achieved. I am thankful I got to catch up, and see the newest addition to the world . We have to celebrate those wonderful moments.

Celebrate failure

I know that this title may be a bit courageous or outlandish to some, but if you think about the multitude of stories of people who came into their ideas through failures. Mistakes happen and it’s being able to see the benefit of those mistakes and being able to accommodate and be flexible in the reworking of your idea. Everything we do is malleable and everything in our lives will inevitably change, it’s how we adapt and change along with life that makes us who we are as people. I honestly believe that we are all great and everyone in this world has an ultimate purpose. I believe that it is within us to do these great things as long as we’re able to be flexible and aware of our own errors in order to fail in a way that we come out on the other side successful. As some say there’s always a silver lining in a dark cloud, maybe we take time to look at how we are seeing and perceiving the cloud so we can see the silver lining. Don’t be down on yourself, Michael Jordan got cut from his high school basketball team, Fred Astaire was told on his first screen test, “Can’t act. Can’t sing. Slightly bald. Not handsome. Can dance a little.” Steven Speilberg was rejected from the USC’s School of Theatre, Film and Television three times, Van Gogh cut his ear off and was a literal starving artist, Opera Winfrey was fired from her first TV job as one of the 6pm news anchors for Baltimore’s WJZ-TV.

I say this because as we are going into a second year of a global pandemic and people are in exceptionally tough situations, we have to be mindful of ourselves and our metal states. Take care of yourself as you are the only one that can get you through anything. Of course it is always great to have people around you, but ultimately our lives are in our own hands. If you want to talk more about this or anything for that matter, please reach out. I am always interested in a continued conversation.

3 years ago…OTF swag, during dance season

3 years ago this weekend would have been one of the fab OnTheFloor Ultimate Dance Competition. I do miss seeing this swag setup in the mornings as we started the day and all the fun that would happen there throughout the day. We have to remember and cherish these memories as we will be back there again one day soon.

If you are interested in any of the tech stories or want to reach out for any reason, I’m always around. Message me or email me. Follow on all those social media and pm me there as well. I’m looking forward to seeing all your lovely faces one day soon once this is past us.

Anything else, just have a look around the site. Cheers, just here Inspiring to Aspire.

Over 1K Views!

Hey everyone, I just wanted to thank whoever has come to look at my site. I’ve recently seen a few new followers and I absolutely appreciate all of you as well!! These are the things that are going to keep making this site better. I want to personally thank people like Brent Kobayashi and Arthur Tutt from Kobayashi+Zeitguys and who were there for me at the beginning of the pandemic and have been supportive the whole time.

This is a time of reflection and moving forward. I plan on not only looking back and appreciating the people who have helped and checked this site out along the way. But also the people that followed and contacted me about work this year. I’m super excited to be working with an amazing artist Jessica Karuhanga as well as the amazing PUSH.Pull Cabaret series, this year. As well as some awesome stuff coming up with the wonderful Karen Cann that will be released next month, stay tuned for that. I want to thank everyone else who I’ve missed in this message and I look forward to creating some amazing content with you all soon.

More than just the music…

I guess there has never been an explanation for this tagline. I’ve used it on this website and it sounds pretty good, but what is the actual meaning? I guess it’s time that I open up a little. I originally was planning on making music the main attraction to this website and to my life to be honest. Along the years I came across new technology, I became a stagehand and an audio visual technician where I was involved in creating these amazingly huge performances. That made me realize that although I do consider myself to be a musician, I am much more than that. I have evolved into so many other things, been flexible and followed true enjoyment. I have moved from writing poems, to writing lyrics. Strumming chords to writing songs and performing in bands and orchestras, choirs. Working in factories, to working with Audio Speakers, lighting and video walls, to setting up boardrooms and conferences, to setting up stages for some of the biggest names in musical history. To now bringing online broadcasting skills to media companies and festivals. Needless to say, that it is… More than just the music.

If you are interested in any of my services, a voice over, intro music for your own podcast, help with your own website, help with anything. Drop me a line and lets connect.

Met with Arthur Tutt from

WOW! What an awesome meet up with Arthur Tutt, who currently works with Kobayashi+Zeitguys. Can also be found through their website

Had such a great conversation about moving forward and pivoting in the new world we’re in. Navigating the next moves and celebrating our pasts. Check out his website and definitely use his services!! Worth it 100!!

Big Thanks!

Wanted to send a BIG thank you to Kobayashi+Zeitguys, who have an awesome web series that I was honoured to be a part of that can’t be missed. Check it out on YOUTUBE – #CovidMarketing

They’ve recently just passed 1 Thousand followers, and you should be one of them next.