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It’s difficult to find inspiration sometimes…

I am here, not as a writer or as someone who claims to know anything about mindfulness. I seriously started all of this because I was reaching for strings to find out what to do during a pandemic when my entire industry was halted. That’s a daunting and shocking reality. It was one that hit hard and is still effecting me to this day. I have been lucky enough to have been able to come across some amazing people this year and I have also been able to see the journey of a lot of people. Not everyone is doing OK. Not everyone is living out the lives that they’re showing you on Instagram. Or whatever social media that they’ve chosen. I guess this leads to what I wanted to share, was that it is always going to be a process to find and cultivate those inspirations. And I could be campy and say that you just have to wait for those moments and harness them. But that’s not the truth, sometimes it’s really hard to find inspiration. Sometimes you have to go out there and grab it, or create it. Sometimes it’s best to take that time away to clear your thoughts and come back at it to find that inspiration. I’m not even going to say that I know how to find inspiration. That is a journey for everyone to go through. I know that the one thing that you can always count on and fall back on is your breath. Take a breath. That is the best place to start looking for inspiration and it can only lead you in the right direction.

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