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Online Broadcasting

Embracing ONLINE broadcasting and livestreaming methods, I am able to get your message out to the WORLD…

I’ve been lucky enough to have come from such a rich live events background that I am able to bring that face paced and creative mind to the online world. I am able to create a PROFESSIONAL looking livestream with REAL-TIME graphics, overlays, Closed Captioning as well as set up simultanious streaming to multiple locations including Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Periscope, Twitch as well as custom RTMPs that link to many other sites. These platform allows you to get your message out in a professional and live way. We are all imagining how things are moving forward and being able to still get your voice heard is a great thing. Check out MINDFUL MINUTES WITH MUSICIANS, my own web show where I talk with artists and musicians about mindfulness. I also worked with Kobayashi + Zeitguys, a marketing agency in Toronto on the danforth on their web show #COVIDMarketing and Kill The Guru. I had the pleasure of also working with the Toronto Harbourfront Centre on their annual Toronto International Festival of Authors. The latest project that I’ve been a part of is a set of Burlesque workshops, Speaker Series and private events all under the name PUSH.PULL brought to you by Golboo Amani and Dainty Smith. It has been such a pleasure bringing this content as well as involving ASL interpreters and adding Closed Captions to the events.

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