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Celebrate failure

I know that this title may be a bit courageous or outlandish to some, but if you think about the multitude of stories of people who came into their ideas through failures. Mistakes happen and it’s being able to see the benefit of those mistakes and being able to accommodate and be flexible in the reworking of your idea. Everything we do is malleable and everything in our lives will inevitably change, it’s how we adapt and change along with life that makes us who we are as people. I honestly believe that we are all great and everyone in this world has an ultimate purpose. I believe that it is within us to do these great things as long as we’re able to be flexible and aware of our own errors in order to fail in a way that we come out on the other side successful. As some say there’s always a silver lining in a dark cloud, maybe we take time to look at how we are seeing and perceiving the cloud so we can see the silver lining. Don’t be down on yourself, Michael Jordan got cut from his high school basketball team, Fred Astaire was told on his first screen test, “Can’t act. Can’t sing. Slightly bald. Not handsome. Can dance a little.” Steven Speilberg was rejected from the USC’s School of Theatre, Film and Television three times, Van Gogh cut his ear off and was a literal starving artist, Opera Winfrey was fired from her first TV job as one of the 6pm news anchors for Baltimore’s WJZ-TV.

I say this because as we are going into a second year of a global pandemic and people are in exceptionally tough situations, we have to be mindful of ourselves and our metal states. Take care of yourself as you are the only one that can get you through anything. Of course it is always great to have people around you, but ultimately our lives are in our own hands. If you want to talk more about this or anything for that matter, please reach out. I am always interested in a continued conversation.



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