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How is everyone?

It’s been over 2 years we’ve been dealing with a pandemic that is still fully around us. I hope that everyone is staying safe and still taking the precautions to keep yourselves and others safe. We are going to be in this pandemic for another few years and not be illusionary about where we are all at. I am getting over Covid, as I caught it a few weeks ago. I am negative now but know that only I can be careful not to catch it again. Please be safe and open about this with your friends and colleagues. The more we know the more we are able to move on from this terrible virus.

Been a while

Just writing to you all, cause you’re great. I’ve been sick with covid for the past week and a bit. I am feeling a bit better but it’s been a crappy process and I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. Thank you for supporting me and checking out my website during this time. There will be more content coming!


Have you seen the latest Mindful Minutes With Musicians? Check it out at I spoke with @iankamau #IanKamau about his new documentary #WeWentOut about being a creative writer as well as the things that they do subconsciously to stay mindful #creative #hiphop #artist #writer #director #volunteer #filmmaker #film #producer #musician #musiciansofinstagram #mindfulness #creation #awareness #signals #openness #love #MindfulMinutesWithMusicians #BlackmoreMedia

Let’s chat

I’ve seen that there are viewers to my website from all over the world and I’m really curious who you all are. I’ve seen viewers from Ireland, India, Vietnam and the United States. If you are checking out my website and happen to see this post. Message me back and let me know where you’re checking out my website from and what brought you here. I’m super exited to hear from you all. Cheers, and if you havn’t yet, pop over to the Mindful Minutes With Musicians page and check out all of my latest podcasts! Thanks for checking this out, hope to hear from you all soon.

Monday Mindfulness Motivation

There is no pressure other than the pressure that one puts on themselves to satisfy those who may have expectations. Remember that you are the one who is making your decisions. #MondayMotivation #MondayMindfulness #Love #mindfulness #MindfulMinutesWithMusicians #Blackmoremedia

Social media text

@Blackmoremedia1 was my main one. Then I started @davidblackmoremusic to have one just for self advertising and music stuff. And @mindfulminuteswithmusicians just for the podcast but since the pandemic I’ve been doing a lot of introspective thinking and pivoting and making the most of life. The reason I started this podcast, created a website and am starting a pivot.
Thanks everyone so much for reading, following and being a part of the journey.

Saturday night rant

Hey all,

Hope that you’re all doing well. I havn’t reached out virtually lately and feel that I needed to touch base with everyone. Thank you again for watching, reading and being a part of my journey in some form. I recently added my Mindful Minutes With Musicians Shorts; A Mindful Minute with a Musician on my YOUTUBE

I guess this is my own little Saturday Night Live, by offering up a bunch of content from Mindful Minutes With Musicians. Again, I really appreciate everyone checking this out and if there is one thing that I would ask of you is to tell one person. I think that if everyone were to share this with one person then we would be able to get this great podcast and these great words to more people. It is a slow process, but one that is started and can’t stop now.

If you feel like you’ve been effected in any way by this podcast or if you have already shared it with anyone, please let me know and connect with me. I would love to hear how this has effected anyone’s life and made a positive change.

All comments are welcome and I look forward to connecting.

Aspire to Inspire

Online Streaming Services or Video Mapping?

Hey do you or anyone you know need any online streaming services?

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If you have said yes to one or any of these then definitely reach out to me and let me know how I can help in making your event or content better than its ever been before. I look forward to connecting with you.

Quick Thank You

Hey All,
Just wanted to say I have been looking through my stats and noticed that there are people who have viewed this website from China, Poland, Denmark, USA, Mexico and of course Canada as well. If you happen to be stopping by my website and think it’s cool, drop a line. I’d love to hear from people all over the world and maybe it could lead to you being on my podcast Mindful Minutes With Musicians. I really look forward to hearing from you.


Mindful Minutes With Musicians Podcast on Youtube

CallOut for Guests

Do you know any musicians or artists who you believe have a really mindful practice or who have been able to create success during this pandemic? I’m looking for guests to continue this great podcast that I started. It can be musicians or artists, as you’ve seen I’ve had all kinds of people and they’ve all provided such different and amazing information and ways of getting through these rough times. If you know of anyone, reach out to me through the contact on the About page, or Follow me on any social media and contact me through there. I hope that you’re enjoying this warm fall weather. Talk with you soon.


I’ve been doing a bunch of odd jobs, well, within my industry. And one of them is video editing for a online streamed festival. I am so happy to be a part of it and its been something that has helped me tremendously throughout the pandemic and it’s even encouraged me to read more. The one part about all of this video editing though, is the rendering time. It is inevitable for a video editor, but it is this time that almost forces you to take a break. If you take a moment, then you will be able to optimise those moments, hence why I’m writing this blog post. I almost want to think of it like its extra time. Time to utilise and be creative. Always use your time to be creative. Knowing that you also are totally able to take time to rest as well. There needs to be balance in life. And that is almost like we need time to render ourselves. Let’s take that time.

I’ve missed you

Hey, I know it’s been a while and I’m not keeping up with posting as often as I should. I did write a post about not pressuring yourself and the creation, but I also believe that if you’re not doing it you’re also missing out. I have met up with Arthur Tutt, of, I’ve been working doing online streaming for the Harbourfront centre’s TIFA festival. . Thats just a few of the things that I’ve been up to. It’s been a difficult time and I know that there are a lot of people who are having a really rough time right now. I am doing my best to keep my head up and create great content. I am working on a few interviews and have some stuff coming. I hope you stay tuned. I really appreciate you.