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My Music

Music for Media

Creating music has been a passion of mine for my entire life. I have been involved in choirs, bands and orchestras throughout my musical career. I would love to be able to share this love with the WORLD and really have a ton of people enjoy and vibe with my music. All of the FREE to download music is written and produced by David Blackmore. All I ask is when and where you choose to use the music, please credit and tag me to let me know so that I can also share and become a part of your process. I really appreciate you taking the time to even check this out, I hope that we can start something AMAZING together!

Click on the link below

Click on the downward facing arrow in the top right corner of the screen to download ROYALTY FREE Music, FOR FREE!! Please, just comment and give me credit when and where you use the music. I appreciate it and you. Looking forward to becoming a part of your adventure!

My Music

This is where I share my own personal Music with you. I have been hesitant on putting my personal music out to the public without having a polished final track. I’ve decided that there’s no reason to hold back, I want people to hear what I’ve got going on and I would also love feedback. I’m not shy on here and would love to talk more about my music and what I can bring to you and your musical process. I am available to become a part of your process and I am available for hire to create music for any of your needs. Contact me, lets converse. In the meantime, check out my music on soundcloud and N1M. Cheers

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