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More than just the music…

I guess there has never been an explanation for this tagline. I’ve used it on this website and it sounds pretty good, but what is the actual meaning? I guess it’s time that I open up a little. I originally was planning on making music the main attraction to this website and to my life to be honest. Along the years I came across new technology, I became a stagehand and an audio visual technician where I was involved in creating these amazingly huge performances. That made me realize that although I do consider myself to be a musician, I am much more than that. I have evolved into so many other things, been flexible and followed true enjoyment. I have moved from writing poems, to writing lyrics. Strumming chords to writing songs and performing in bands and orchestras, choirs. Working in factories, to working with Audio Speakers, lighting and video walls, to setting up boardrooms and conferences, to setting up stages for some of the biggest names in musical history. To now bringing online broadcasting skills to media companies and festivals. Needless to say, that it is… More than just the music.

If you are interested in any of my services, a voice over, intro music for your own podcast, help with your own website, help with anything. Drop me a line and lets connect.

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Its more than just the music. Check out

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