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Hey everyone, I just wanted to thank whoever has come to look at my site. I’ve recently seen a few new followers and I absolutely appreciate all of you as well!! These are the things that are going to keep making this site better. I want to personally thank people like Brent Kobayashi and Arthur Tutt from Kobayashi+Zeitguys and who were there for me at the beginning of the pandemic and have been supportive the whole time.

This is a time of reflection and moving forward. I plan on not only looking back and appreciating the people who have helped and checked this site out along the way. But also the people that followed and contacted me about work this year. I’m super excited to be working with an amazing artist Jessica Karuhanga as well as the amazing PUSH.Pull Cabaret series, this year. As well as some awesome stuff coming up with the wonderful Karen Cann that will be released next month, stay tuned for that. I want to thank everyone else who I’ve missed in this message and I look forward to creating some amazing content with you all soon.

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