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Have you seen the latest Mindful Minutes With Musicians? Check it out at I spoke with @iankamau #IanKamau about his new documentary #WeWentOut about being a creative writer as well as the things that they do subconsciously to stay mindful #creative #hiphop #artist #writer #director #volunteer #filmmaker #film #producer #musician #musiciansofinstagram #mindfulness #creation #awareness #signals #openness #love #MindfulMinutesWithMusicians #BlackmoreMedia

Saturday night rant

Hey all,

Hope that you’re all doing well. I havn’t reached out virtually lately and feel that I needed to touch base with everyone. Thank you again for watching, reading and being a part of my journey in some form. I recently added my Mindful Minutes With Musicians Shorts; A Mindful Minute with a Musician on my YOUTUBE

I guess this is my own little Saturday Night Live, by offering up a bunch of content from Mindful Minutes With Musicians. Again, I really appreciate everyone checking this out and if there is one thing that I would ask of you is to tell one person. I think that if everyone were to share this with one person then we would be able to get this great podcast and these great words to more people. It is a slow process, but one that is started and can’t stop now.

If you feel like you’ve been effected in any way by this podcast or if you have already shared it with anyone, please let me know and connect with me. I would love to hear how this has effected anyone’s life and made a positive change.

All comments are welcome and I look forward to connecting.

Aspire to Inspire

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I’ve missed you

Hey, I know it’s been a while and I’m not keeping up with posting as often as I should. I did write a post about not pressuring yourself and the creation, but I also believe that if you’re not doing it you’re also missing out. I have met up with Arthur Tutt, of, I’ve been working doing online streaming for the Harbourfront centre’s TIFA festival. . Thats just a few of the things that I’ve been up to. It’s been a difficult time and I know that there are a lot of people who are having a really rough time right now. I am doing my best to keep my head up and create great content. I am working on a few interviews and have some stuff coming. I hope you stay tuned. I really appreciate you.

The pressure to create content

I wanted to touch base on this notion that we HAVE to constantly be creating content. I think that it’s a lot to put onto yourself and it’s not always the most effective way of getting the message out there. We all have our soap box and opportunity to get up and say what we want. And it’s appreciated by everyone who is watching and getting something out it, no matter what it is that they may be getting out of it. The issue is that there has been such an influx of content with the internet giving us absolutely anything we can think of at our fingertips. So, the question is…to be seen do I have to constantly be creating content? In a short answer, yes. But, I think that it is equally, if not MORE important to take time to recharge your own battery so that you are able to go out there and harness the creative juices in a creative way. That’s how you will be able to come to some kind of equilibrium in content creation. If there is even such a thing.

The main thing to remember and take from this, is that you need to be doing stuff for your own internal self. You are not going to be able to find or harness the creativity within yourself if you are already drained. So take that time and don’t give in to the pressure to constantly create content. Cheers

Mindful Minutes With Musicians Short Ep 4 ‘Being a parent’ with Elaine ‘lil bit’ Shephard

@lilbitmuzik Elaine Lil’ Bit Shepherd
Check out the FULL episode at I spoke with @lilbitmuzik about her inspiration and how being a parent has shaped her career. She shared some great stories. #musician #musiciansofinstagram #mindfulness #creation #inspiration #motivation #love #MindfulMinutesWithMusicians #BlackmoreMedia

Monday motivation on Tuesday

So, I’m writing this a day late. Not on purpose, just because I want to start creating more content on here. I want to show that, yes, if you put your mind to something that you can eventually achieve it. This has been a journey for me, a long journey. My podcast Mindful Minutes With Musicians that you can get to with a few clicks on my site, has been going for over a year now. Im coming up to episode 25! Check it out this friday!! It has definitely not been an easy process. There have been a lot of hurdles that I could have used as an excuse to stop. I kept going. It hasn’t been the cleanest or most polished. But every episode gets better and the process has become more fun the more I do it. I appreciate you taking the time to read this. I hope you get a chance to click around and watch a few episodes. Cheers.

3 years ago today

So it was 3 years ago this weekend that I had set up staging, lights, audio and a video wall for a fab dance competition, ON THE FLOOR. The wonderful Mitch Jackson and Lisa Hupe started this great dance competition so that kids had a chance to dance and explore themselves. I always had a wonderful time with everyone involved and became quite passionate about its success. I do feel like I had become part of the team. Here’s to great memories.


I just want to post that I’m going to be putting more content on this site, going to be posting updates along the way. I really appreciate you taking the time to look through my site. I would be more than happy to provide Online Streaming tips and techniques to anyone. Message me. Lets start a discussion.

I can do Live Streaming, voice over work, podcast intro music, and outro music. I can assist with any Royalty free music that you need and can create it for you specially. I hope that we can touch base about how I can help you media game to the next level.

Met with Arthur Tutt from

WOW! What an awesome meet up with Arthur Tutt, who currently works with Kobayashi+Zeitguys. Can also be found through their website

Had such a great conversation about moving forward and pivoting in the new world we’re in. Navigating the next moves and celebrating our pasts. Check out his website and definitely use his services!! Worth it 100!!