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Have you seen the latest Mindful Minutes With Musicians? Check it out at I spoke with @iankamau #IanKamau about his new documentary #WeWentOut about being a creative writer as well as the things that they do subconsciously to stay mindful #creative #hiphop #artist #writer #director #volunteer #filmmaker #film #producer #musician #musiciansofinstagram #mindfulness #creation #awareness #signals #openness #love #MindfulMinutesWithMusicians #BlackmoreMedia

Quick Thank You

Hey All,
Just wanted to say I have been looking through my stats and noticed that there are people who have viewed this website from China, Poland, Denmark, USA, Mexico and of course Canada as well. If you happen to be stopping by my website and think it’s cool, drop a line. I’d love to hear from people all over the world and maybe it could lead to you being on my podcast Mindful Minutes With Musicians. I really look forward to hearing from you.


Mindful Minutes With Musicians Podcast on Youtube

CallOut for Guests

Do you know any musicians or artists who you believe have a really mindful practice or who have been able to create success during this pandemic? I’m looking for guests to continue this great podcast that I started. It can be musicians or artists, as you’ve seen I’ve had all kinds of people and they’ve all provided such different and amazing information and ways of getting through these rough times. If you know of anyone, reach out to me through the contact on the About page, or Follow me on any social media and contact me through there. I hope that you’re enjoying this warm fall weather. Talk with you soon.

Mindful Minutes With Musicians Short Ep 4 ‘Being a parent’ with Elaine ‘lil bit’ Shephard

@lilbitmuzik Elaine Lil’ Bit Shepherd
Check out the FULL episode at I spoke with @lilbitmuzik about her inspiration and how being a parent has shaped her career. She shared some great stories. #musician #musiciansofinstagram #mindfulness #creation #inspiration #motivation #love #MindfulMinutesWithMusicians #BlackmoreMedia

Mindful Minutes With Musicians Ep 25 with Emilio Portal

Have you seen the latest episode of #MindfulMinutesWithMusicians? It’s out now and my guest Emilio Portal tells me stories of his youth and how thats shaped his current life. We spoke about his practice and how he gets sounds from nature and manipulates them into his sound art. Totally worth a watch.

While you’re there check out as many of the other episodes you havn’t seen yet. Also go to my YOUTUBE and follow me there as it would help me out a lot. Thank you I appreciate you.

Friday July 9th! Mindful Minutes With Musicians Ep 23 with Sandy Duperval!

Tomorrow on Episode 23 of Mindful Minutes With Musicians with Sandy Duperval, an amazing vocalist, business manager and professional cook. We spoke candidly about how she’s been dealing with the pandemic and the strides that she’s been taking during these times. We remembered the past and she shared a story of how she started her process. You’ll want to watch the whole episode as they have a surprise at the end with a per-release personally sung rendition of their brand new unreleased track!! Please take the time to check out their social media and support them in all the ways.
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Instagram – @sandyduperval
Youtube – Sandy Duperval
Spotify – Sandy Duperval
Google Play – Sandy Duperval

Also check out
To hear their latest tracks and information.

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