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The pressure to create content

I wanted to touch base on this notion that we HAVE to constantly be creating content. I think that it’s a lot to put onto yourself and it’s not always the most effective way of getting the message out there. We all have our soap box and opportunity to get up and say what we want. And it’s appreciated by everyone who is watching and getting something out it, no matter what it is that they may be getting out of it. The issue is that there has been such an influx of content with the internet giving us absolutely anything we can think of at our fingertips. So, the question is…to be seen do I have to constantly be creating content? In a short answer, yes. But, I think that it is equally, if not MORE important to take time to recharge your own battery so that you are able to go out there and harness the creative juices in a creative way. That’s how you will be able to come to some kind of equilibrium in content creation. If there is even such a thing.

The main thing to remember and take from this, is that you need to be doing stuff for your own internal self. You are not going to be able to find or harness the creativity within yourself if you are already drained. So take that time and don’t give in to the pressure to constantly create content. Cheers

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