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Stick with the process

I bet you know, like we all experience, that if we stick to something that it will prevail. If you continue to water a plant then it will grow and then produce flowers. If you continue to write poems, eventually you’ll have a book to publish of your poetry. If you continue to cook, eventually you start creating exciting and creative meals. What I’m getting at here is that whatever it is that your doing, and no matter what happens along the way. The best thing is to carry on and continue to do that thing that you have passion for so that you can allow it to grow and provide for you eventually.

I have had a bit of a rush of other work come up for me and since I’ve been hit so hard in my profession by the pandemic, I’ve been taking all the work I can get. This means that I’ve been putting MMWM to the side, but don’t worry…I’m still booking interviews and I have a couple up my sleeve that are going to be really thoughtful and friendly.

I really appreciate you taking the time to ‘Stick with the process’ along with me. I hope that you’ve watched a few of these episodes of Mindful Minutes With Musicians and found something that you can take from them, as that was the whole point. To Aspire to Inspire, and that goes for all of us. Cheers and thank you.


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