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Motivation Mondays

Hey, as I’m writing this I’m realizing that this is such a new thing for me. I should be celebrating this time that I’m giving myself and be excited to share this. I find it difficult to be motivated some days. I feel that during this pandemic there have been a lot of those days. I can only say that self motivation is key and so important to your success. I have started getting up earlier, writing lists for myself to complete. And I feel great crossing those things off the list when I complete them. Writing this post was one of the things on my list and here we go. I Tweeted this morning @Blackmoremedia1 (on twitter) and I wanted to start something fresh and new for #MindfulMinutesWithMusicians and #BlackmoreMedia. But selfishly, it’s really so that I’m able to use this to motivate myself. I hope that you also find motivation in this and let me know if you do.

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Its more than just the music. Check out

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